I’m going to the Banff Centre to participate in “Winterjourney” Jan 13- Feb 21 2014.

My project is called “A Part of Our Heritage”.

I will:

– climb a (real) mountain

– make a (fake) fire

-(fake) cut down a tree with an axe

– pee in the woods standing up

-(fake) hunt some animals

-sleep in the woods

-wrestle a bear

-paddle / skate around the (real) lake

-(fake) have sex in the woods

– trap some wild yeast

– fire a (fake) gun

– eat beans out of a can after cooking them in the can

– set a (fake) trap

– wear flannel and denim while doing any of the above

There will be videos, photographs, postcards, and watercolour field paintings of my forays into manly woodsman-ness.

What I’m really interested in here are the myths that uphold a Western-Patriarchal ideology, and the dominance-based foundations of these myths. Why should one feel such apparent ownership and ease in taking from and destroying the wilderness? Why is the status quo oriented toward patriarchal-capitalism and an ideology of gender-based dominance? It seems an Enlightenment ideal of an autonomous man, master of his domain has created this legacy; Adorno and Horkheimer’s “Dialectic of Enlightenment” (1969) helps inform my approach as well as the specific site (epic wilderness) I will work with in the creation of my vignettes .